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It's just pics and random music with words we've all heard 100 times over. Nothing likable to see or hear and I can't rate it on facts because they aren't facts, they are your beliefs

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There's not much to it

There's not too much to the animation and there was no real story or joke other then random guy with the mouth. Random isn't funny unless it's way out there or done right.

I don't care if it's short but there's gotta be something for me to enjoy like good writing, good joke, or good animation. Doesn't need all three but having one will make most people happy. This really doesn't have much of the three.

oh god

That was really well done. Art and animation fits well with them and I love the design use.

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good game btu lag kills it when it happens

The number of bullets is fine but when the game lags the rate of ship fire doesn't slow down so the screen will get full of red dots and missiles everywhere that will hit you with no way around it.

That's kind of rare in the shooter, the fact that lag right out hurts you and not just give you better more time to think. Setting the Q to low removed the lag for the most part so it turned out fine.

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Great game with some bumps

I loved the game and it was nice to be able to see my arrows on whatever I hit but having too many arrows on screen at once (mainly on bosses) makes the game lag even with low quality and set to unlimited so on all boss fights I had to use melee weapons then it worked fine.

Another thing that I found is even I start a new game the quality would reset to mid, not a big deal but just a heads up.

Overall I still enjoyed the game and it's one of the better games using the overhead view with mass foes type of game play.

Got game but a bug got me

A really good game and it's great to see an a beat'em up RPG on here. Only things I didn't like was everything started to feel the same after the first island and when I was done my last quest the game didn't go on, reloading the same thing happened over and over where I go to the quest giver I'd level up and then nothing.

But it was fun, new, and I enjoyed it.

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